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WARNING: ChatGPT Could Be The Start Of The End! Sam Harris

Gerald Bennett
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In this new episode Steven sits down with philosopher, neuroscientist, podcast host and author Sam Harris.

00:00 Intro
02:02 6 years later, where do you stand on AI?
16:36 Is this not the most pressing problem?
33:16 Why I deleted twitter
45:43 Narrow AI
58:26 The meaning of AGI
01:02:00 In the age of AI how do we create purpose?
01:10:06 Who will AI replace?
01:14:41 Should we be doing universal basic income?
01:21:40 Would you stop AI if you could?
01:27:31 How do we change our minds to be happier?
01:34:28 Why not lying & telling the truth will make you happier
01:41:28 The last guests question

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