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Urgent Financial Crash Warning (New Bitcoin all time high?)

Jim Watts
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Happy Monday guys xx On today's show we will be sharing with you breaking news about a potential financial collapse (this could have a huge impact on the price of Bitcoin)

We will also look at news about a potential spot XRP ETF and more. Smash the like and share this xx

00:08 Intro
04:35 The entire crypto market
04:50 #btc weekly
05:55 We are trading at #coinbase & #phemex #partner
07:50 Back to $BTC daily
08:07 #eth
08:20 #sol
08:35 Valkyrie Bitcoin ETF
09:15 Financial collapse
13:20 Hong Kong applies for spot BTC ETF
16:30 Grayscale GBTC outflows
17:55 Blackrock vs Grayscale
20:00 Google now allows Bitcoin and crypto ads
23:35 Spot XRP ETF
27:00 Shady connections
27:55 Most of #congress opposes crypto
29:25 Pay with your palm
30:40 Orange Crypto #invested
33:44 #doom video game on #dogecoin #doge
35:04 #karatecombat news #bitboy
39:43 #ethgate
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