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World Leading Psychologist: How To Detach From Overthinking & Anxiety: Dr Julie Smith | E122

Jim Watts
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This weeks episode entitled 'World Leading Psychologist: How To Detach From Overthinking & Anxiety: Dr Julie Smith' topics:

0:00 Intro
00:58 What made you want to help people?
05:32 How did a therapist make it onto tiktok?
14:13 Dealing with rejection
23:46 The consequences of having a big platform
32:11 Having the right values & goals
39:04 How do we make meaningful change?
40:36 How do I change my mood?
42:46 How important is sleep?
45:12 How to stay motivated
48:09 What is the cure for overload?
51:23 The balance of embracing emotions vs ignoring them
54:32 The stigma around addressing a situation
01:00:41 How do you build confidence
01:03:21 How important is it to not make decisions in high emotion moments?
01:07:32 Building self esteem by having a good relationship with failure
01:12:36 Using our breathing to manage anxiety
01:20:53 Is it important to understand we’re going to die?
01:24:39 The importance of relationships
01:32:07 Are you happy?
01:33:33 The last guest question

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