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Uncle Lucius - I'm Happy (Live at EAR Studios)

Jim Watts
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Uncle Lucius performing "I'm Happy" live at EAR Studios in Austin, TX

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Video Credits:
Directors - Joel Calvin
DP / Editor - Joel Calvin
Co-Producer - Tim Regan

Joel Calvin - Koto Creative - http://kotocreative.com

EAR Studios - https://eastaustinrecording.com

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Kevin Galloway - Vocals
Michael Carpenter - Electric Guitar
Josh Greco - Drums
Jonathan Grossman - Keys
Doug Strahan - Electric Guitar
Doug Scherger - Bass

I take a breath
Like it's the last one left
And when the pressure gets low
I let everything go

I'm happy

I drift in style
With a sideways smile
Laughing just like a child

Cause I'm happy

With just letting things be the way that they gonna be
I don't worry myself about nobody else
I don't worry myself about me

I'm Happy

With letting the world spin how it's gonna spin
Don't worry about knowing which way I'm going
Don't worry about where I've been

I'm Happy


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