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Financial Reset Is Coming as These Charts Show 'Topping Phase' - Chris Vermeul

8 Views· 05/31/24
Jim Watts
Jim Watts
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Jeremy Szafron, Anchor at Kitco News, interviews Chris Vermeulen, founder and chief market strategist of The Technical Traders. They dive into the current state of the stock market, exploring the potential for a 'Financial Reset' and the significance of the 'Topping Phase' as indicated by various market charts. Vermeulen discussed the pitfalls of overreacting to immediate economic data, analyzing the core PCE data and its implications for market health. Chris shares his predictions for an impending financial reset, signs to watch for in the AI sector, and the cyclical nature of markets. They analyze the small caps, particularly the Russell 2000, and discuss investment strategies to protect against market tops, indicators signaling a market peak, and the roles of gold and commodities. Additionally, Chris provides insights into bonds and treasuries as part of a diversified investment approach, strategies for managing risks in volatile markets, and his predictions for future market conditions.

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0:00 - Introduction
1:25 - Core PCE
2:22 - Market Sensitivity to Updates
5:04 - Long-Term Chart Analysis
6:58 - Financial Reset Predictions
10:17 - Understanding Market Cycles
12:06 - Small Caps Topping Phase
15:30 - Market Top Indicators
17:00 - Gold and Commodities
18:30 - Bonds and Treasuries
20:00 - Managing Risks
21:30 - Future Market Predictions
23:00 - Final Thoughts

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